Sunday, 28 November 2010

Scrappers challenge.

It all began as a mutual laugh when ten or so of our scrapbooking group went to see Calendar Girls at the Hall for Cornwall back in the summer of this year.  Enthusiasm got the better of most of us and we agreed it would be fun to each take on a month and make a scrapbook layout of ourselves 'in the style of Calendar Girls'

Well, it seems to be going quite well, I plumped for September and my initial idea was to do a '50, not out' layout.  But as time went by I thought about what picture I could take and what September meant to me, and my thoughts always returned to back to school.

Well, as is the case with overdue homeworks for most kids (and adults alike) the work is due in next Saturday and I still have all the work to do. Well, I guess the legwork is done, my brain has been on it a good amount and I have picked out some papers I like... oh, and the photos..well several times (after a few glasses of Tesco's cheapest palatable Rose) I thought about getting my dearest JB to take some photos, but I bottled it....

But then, after our holiday, marginally less pale than usual and after seeing so many people baring their all, minus a bit, ...I got brave...Jordan for her part laughed and said she thought maybe her pals at school would ask her what she'd done at the weekend.. and she'd be searching deserately for an answer to how she thought maybe she'd be scarred for life... but hey, all's fair in love, scrapbooking and photography.

So here's a hint...

.. oh and for the months left layoutless I have a cunning plan.. and so many male volunteers you wouldn't imagine! ... Speed scrapping 'something for the ladies!'

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