Saturday, 27 November 2010

It's Christmas time!

 .. it must Jordan and I went to town today, bought her a party outfit and then we fell upon the PenSamba group doing their thing and some stalls selling hot food.. and cupcakes! 

Not the usual vanilla sponge with overexaggerated toppings, but all varieties and my Ginger Sticky Toffee one was fab (okay so the toppings ARE overexaggerated, but the cake itself was also FAB!)

Thought I'd take this photo of their Christmas Tree ones just in case I do get around to the old one-a-day picture challenge for December!  (yes, yes, I know, it's not 'officially' December but all the hints are there!)

And all the media is talking about the earliest snowy weather in the UK in 17 years. According to Pirate FM Cornwall was in lockdown on Thursday but somehow Col 'battled the elements' (!!) and managed to get out of the county with no problems!

A splattering of snow arrived in Leedstown this morning and true to form it makes even the 'in-progress' part of the garden look picturesque. 

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