Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Can't wait..

.. to get the next week over (in more ways than one.. more on that another day) and start the run up to Christmas proper style.  Jordan and I bought some blank cards and may even make our own, we used to do that when the girls were little and I think we'd really enjoy it now we are fully fledged gluer and stickers!

I am toying with the idea of a picture a day, or one of those clever Advent Diaries I read about on other people's blogs, but I think I'm behind already as most suggest having the 24 pages all made well ahead of the days, so you can just enjoy  the picture taking and journalling each day.  Mind you, Linda has said we will be doing photo-less layouts on Dec 4th, so who knows, I may be able to get a mini book going and only have a few catch up days.

We have Col's brother and his new lady/ girlfriend / partner * (*delete as appropriate!) coming to visit at Christmas (and rumour control has it that she's a scrapbooker!)
and ...who knows, the super duper Krupka's may also drop everything and come visit too....wishing them a special Thanksgiving for tomorrow by the way.  I guess they will be spending time with new grandson Nolan, and boy, next year will be even more fun as he'll be mobile and into everything!

Two years ago Will & Michele came to stay and arrived at 5pm on Christmas Day, with Will all dressed up as Santa. Lilly was only 5 months old, but imagine what she would think this year!

I really love this picture of Will down the road getting changed, such a great thing to do for the kids, after travelling all the way from the USA and then London on Christmas morning!

Jordan just gave me one of her hugs and reminded me (as if I needed it) that she will turn 16 in eleven days, so there's another thing to diarise in December.

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