Sunday, 14 November 2010

Back to reality...

.... a seaplane trip, a BA flight of ten hours and then a jump down to Newquay, the Gods conspired to leave us without delays and in good spirits, and finally after 24 hours travelling we arrived home late last night.

The plan was to have a cup of tea with real milk and some polite chat with the kids then scoot off to bed, but it was just so good to see them the energy flowed and we yapped away to catch up on all the news, theirs and ours,for at least two hours before bed got the better of us..

Yes, the house is still standing, the kids show no ill effects and Jordan says she has a new found respect for me, running the house, catering and laundering for everyone.. ahhh.  I hinted about whether there had been a party, but they admitted they really couldn't be bothered, and in fact had been so busy with school stuff and all that they hadn't even had the 'night out' they had planned. I'm sure crappy weather adds to that and we'd be more likely to hear of raucous happenings if it was July!

As we travelled away, a celebration for my 50th combined with the never before taken 'honeymoon', there were lots of things I put on a mental list to blog and share, but now it seems a bit 'you had to be there', but maybe over the next few days they'll come to mind and I'll keep you posted. 

It was a great ten days, we lazed and lazed, ate and drank, and most of all we slept as long as we wanted. In some ways we were lucky in that the snorkelling off the beach wasn't 'all that' so we had even less reason to muster ourselves and so even more relaxing got done.  I took 4 or 5 books, it took me a day or two to crack the first, it was okay, but not okay enough to keep so it was left behind on the library shelf in island reception, but then I ploughed through Anita Shrive's brilliant 'Testimony' and then Patrick Gale's 'Notes on an Exhibiton'

I loved both of these, the latter was based around Penzance and had so many observational passages about places I know, it had me smiling broadly (as you can imagine, old nostalgia queen).. anyone who's read it must appreciate the description of the Savoy Cinema in town is.... though not sure the owners would be so amused.  Kate relayed to me when we got home how she lost her purse there one week and found it in the upturned seat at least a week later...a testiment to the cleaning routines eh?

It's been a nce day today, just catching up, few people to see and things to sort, but the wash pile is definitely a job for another day. I can't quite face putting on proper shoes just yet, and made the most of my slight tan and got JB to take my pic for our Scrapbook Girls Calendar (don't ask, but suffice to say she says she is scarred for life.. but smiling.. especially if her school mates ask her what she did at the weekend..!!)


  1. Great to have you back safe and sound and glad you pair did some serious relaxing - about time!! Look forward to seeing the photos and hearing the stories. xx

  2. looking forward to a catch up


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