Sunday, 28 June 2009


...and not letting Jordan's word play going unmentioned..a couple of years ago we were shopping in the Co-op and I was heading for one of the tills, all very busy.
JB suggested another till, I told her it was closed and hey presto, a girl came and opened it up.

'There you are..' said Jordan..
......................................'I'm psychopathic'


  1. sorry, have been flicking back a few posts so this comment is in the wrong place really! Totally agree with you about the beach thing - it's such a bloody faff to get ready and pack/carry everything that the whole experience cannot possibly be worth it. The tourists must make life down there hellish!

  2. Hey really must call by next time you are down this way..have just got back from CentreParcs and spent today at Linda's class so a very guilty pleasure to leave everything like kids, cooking and washing at home and sneak out straight after we got home!..x


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