Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Baby, baby!

The waiting is over!
Pawel and Agnes have now got their little (or not so little) Spartan! I text Pawel about an hour ago to see if they were doing okay at the hospital, he text me back to say...

'baby born naturally at 19.34. 3 and 9 Kg (8lb 9oz to us), has hair long like daddy, we all well'

We can't wait to hear your story guys, and so happy it went well, it is such a worry when you're waiting to join the non-so-exclusve-club and everyone has their own tale to tell....

Welcome to the world little boy Lulek!..is it Jakub?
I'm off to bed with a celebratory glass of port! ... xxx

1 comment:

  1. Wonderful news Kathie - your midwifery skills weren't called upon then?? :lol:


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