Sunday, 28 June 2009

Das boat!

Not quite an ordinary week by any means...Col was away visiting customers on south coast, and made small (?) sortie to Essex to view, and (after short discussion and agreement from me and our mate Simon) to buy a boat!

Col has loved boats as long as I've known him and for years before, and we often say how sad it is we live so close to the coast yet spend so little time on the water... (we are all a bit yuck about the beach, in the early years none of the kids liked to feel the sand under their feet, and as they grew older we didn't expose them to it enough to make them feel much different... Ross has only become the surf-lover he is since he could get himself there!)

Not only that but many of the local beaches are chuck-a-block in summer and you have a long walk and doggie-do dodging etc before we arrive there with everything bar the kitchen sink.. (you see we have never mastered the art of off-the-cuff beaching)....and being a cove-girl at heart the rocks and bays have always been a bigger draw than a sandy resort...I especially love the idea of sitting off the boulders of St Loy and being able to swim in, something I remember from childhood.

Well Crazy Fish had her first trip today, just a tester but she did well in slightly choppy weather in the bay. She's a bit of a panty-wagon of a boat, 18 foot, with plush seats.. and carpet?! But is easy to maintain, tows well and perfect for the kids and adults alike.... kids cos the girlies are on posey sunbathe mode and us adults cos we are well past 40 and our backs will enjoy the padding rather than hanging on for dear life on the tubes of an inflatable.. oh, and dear Zac, he will just love having something else technical to become smart at!

Would post a pic but left phone at Lisa's last eve.. doh! Still, off to CentreParcs tomorrow, a new adventure for most of us, but promises to be cool...xx....oh, found one on an ad.. here she is..

(Title reference to much chat in office amongst our guys about what a great film that was..),, and hey Frans, come on over, we can go sailing..well, as good as...

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