Sunday, 28 June 2009

Priceless kids..

So, the girls, 14 and 12 were doing their usual bickering and one-upmanship during our evening meal and Colin was lightheartedly trying to improve the quality of the conversation by asking them various questions, like 'What do you think about the situation in Iran'...etc. , not really expecting great opinions, but trying to deflect the warfare!

Conversation did improve, and Kate our youngest told us about the film she saw at school, 'Boys in the Striped Pyjamas'. Further chat with JB and Zac drawing on history facts about the 2WW etc, and I'm thinking ahh, gee, aren't they good, being so .... and Kate then chipped in with this little gem.....

'You know Fab lollies....?
.........they have different flavours which really don't go together'

follow that anyone..she really is priceless.?

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