Saturday, 20 June 2009

Father's Day!

After 18 months suffering with his back and two operations last year, it was really good to see Colin back out on his bike last evening.... I mentioned to Kate that he was out and all a-matter-of-factly she said 'He's just brilliant'.....he really does seem to be another person when he's all motocrossed-up, and he must have been going fast enough 'cos every time I went to take an action shot, all I got was dust where he had passed me by!

It made me think of one of my first scrap layouts, about a year ago...Linda gave us the theme of 'Reasons why I love you'...I was only a beginner then and wanted to scrap my favourite pics from around the house, and I chose several of Colin... on a motocross bike with Ross, 16 years ago, working on a dive-boat and mending an engine in the sun when they did a shipwreck job in the Maldives(!).

I discovered then my love of chipboard letters and unexpectedly the colourscheme was pink, orange and lime green.. well, quite manly if you ever saw motocross gear in the 90's !

Happy Father's Day Col, lovely to know you're having fun again.. and it does it for me to see you fighting that bike..x

P.S. JB's been busy working on a card for Col, all her own work, she has stitched it, chalked it and found a perfect verse. She's even managed to use some of my stuff I haven't even used yet, and said to me 'you'd love me to do scrapbooking with you wouldn't you?' Mmm sure would, could use someone in the house nudging me into action!

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