Monday, 22 June 2009

The card..

Here's the card Jordan made, she even stitched it..I haven't even done any of that on my pages yet!

Had nice day... went to local Car Boot in the morning with Col's Dad and Lisa, Lilly and Kate..then home to watch British GP... so sedate and processional a race that the late night caught up with me and I sloped off to my 2pm.... unheard of, but it was a real big weary-on....maybe the greetings should have read 'Mother's Day'!!

Woken at 4.30 though by the sound of Kate venturing out on one of our little motorbikes....the Barbie girl goes tom-boy! Ross and his girlfriend called by, their first 'visit' since they moved in together, and we sat and drank tea and talked of all things domestic, like immersion heaters, fire alarms and roast dinners!

Evening was good too, watched Col's pressie from Zac & Lisa.. the film Valkarie..good film, no CGI and pleasant way to spend it with 3 generations of Jones men....Col, his Dad and Zac...xx

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  1. great card. Your life seems so full of love and peaceable antics - I am envious!


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