Tuesday, 9 June 2009


Well we had an extended day at Just Scrapbooking on Saturday, ran from 10 til 7pm and I was exhausted.... not sure if it's the racing about to get there / walking about / standing up/ cake eating / social chatting or just the relief at getting a good lot of scrapping done, but I was good for nothing that night and all day Sunday.
We're now on Tuesday and I still feel lethargic, though the depressing greyness in the weather can't help... had two trips to a very good (but still daunting for all us children of the 60's) new dentist for the kids and even thier great attitude has not served to reduce the stress I feel at even setting foot inside such a place!

Anyway.. got 7 lovely pages made up on Saturday, some of them have been brewing in my mind for over a year, but oddly it seems the longer you think the harder it is to see the page come to fruition and be fully happy with it! You decide!.. pics to follow..

PS Or.. is it the onslaught of hormones...mix that with two teenage daughters and a young mum close by and it could be fireworks.. or maybe just a DVD and a large box of chocolates.. sorry dentist!
PPS Just realised.. been trying to cut out cakes and biscuits for two days..it's sugar deprivation!

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