Sunday, 8 June 2014


So this week was Colin's birthday. 

It has been crazy busy in the office as one of our main men has gone away for three weeks well earned holiday!  Zac has gone back to warsash for his final short courses before his passing out in 3 weeks, then just his oral exams before he is a fully fledged 3rd Officer iwth Princess Cruises.. yay! Some stressful days for him the next six weeks but I am sure he will be fine.

We went to Torquay last night for the evening, we really like it there, always things going on and usually we have great sunshine..and it gave me chance to find the transport prompts for the week: 

My Car... we do love it..
Well these ones are oldies:

2 wheeled Segways in tenerife

There was D-Day commemorative event in the Pavilion Gardens and they had some lovely old vintage vehicles which really help set the mood.. 

Torquay has an enviable marina with all kind of boats of every shape and size, this is kind of public transport; a ferry which takes you round to Dartmouth..

.. and this pretty much fits the bill for some unusual transport I'd say!
(the blue sky cost us extra!)

English Riviera Wheel


  1. Great pictures. Especially love the vintage ones.

  2. Great examples of transport


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