Monday, 2 June 2014

The fabric of my life!?

It's a little bit sad when the posted of the blog prompt cannot get anything posted for the group!

But I do have excuses.. more of them later.. here is my fabric offering.. a floral dress I wore on Monday and lovely cotton pillowcases and my bedroom curtains.. the rest is history!

So.. what have we been up to here in the Big House (that's what Colin's Mum used to call our house and I noticed that Ken has it down on his key rings too.. awhhh.

We spent a lot of the bank holiday weekend decorating over at Pop's house, he was away and we got busy.. finishing the bathroom decorating and then a quick spruce before his new kitchen went in.. it was all hands to the pump.

Zac was home as he had no short course this week and he and Ross went to work outside while Kate, JB, April, Col and I were painting and staining anything which stood still..

I must a get a picture of how it looks now.. well, when pops has done the tiling!

This weekend was somewhat more recreational! Zac needed a suit for his final oral exams in July and Col needed a suit.. full stop! We are off to Zac's passing out evening late June and whilst he has formal wear (white naval type jacket and bow tie) Colin and I have to get done up as if it was a wedding or something.. they say it is a bit more than a graduation as once he is done there he is going to be a (Third) Officer on a cruise ship!

We had a few laughs in M&S as there was no-one offering any help.. so went to the very high ratio staff : customer Moss Bros and got suited and booted.. well suited and bow tied!

I shall no doubt have a big pic blog fest late June for my boy xx

I also seemed to be in St Ives again! Dropping off the crew for a night at the Rumn Shack.. not quite sure why we didn't go out as well.. oh yes, that's it, we are the oldies! ;-)
had to stop off and take this great Friday night sunset!

.. and yesterday we had a wander and went round the back of the harbour.. had to leave after a bit as a lad was there showing off and it made uncomfortable viewing worrying that he may fall off a chunk of wood he was balancing on!
But St Ives is always busy and has great photo opportunities..

I almost forgot!! Last Sunday Zac, Lisa and her husband and some of their pals went on a 12Km Tough Enough challenge, set by Marines it was under mud and over mud.. obstacles and even an open water swim out and back.. we had the children and went to see them turn the corner for the final mile..

Annabelle..16 months

Later there was another muddy party for the runners and despite it being horrible weather M&D cannot give up on a planned night without the babes!

.. so the girls slept over and in the morning we did some Nan & girlie selfies in bed!

 (If it had been fine I would be posting pics of the Penzance Pirate challenge.. but we were all pooped (on the poop deck maybe) so we have to admit we were the 7 of the 77 too short to make a world record!

Over to you Lynn.. did you go when Hastings got the World Record?

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