Sunday, 22 June 2014

Last two close ups..and update!

..I will come back later and give you the answers on the close ups I have posted...or maybe tomorrow. .depending on what a nice day I have!!

We .. well Colin..put the moorings in for the boat yesterday evening.  I went along for the walk..and it did me good. Although we have been out a couple of evenings this week..We hadn't actually been out just us two for about 2 weeks and I miss it!  Beautiful evening even if a bit breezy.

It was a very easy tea.. A burger thrown on Ross' barbecue and no frills.. followed by some elderflower gin and some lovely chilling out with Ross and his pal Lewis.
No taxi driving so the drink flowed..The blankets kept our feet warm and we crept into bed and a fine sleep about 1130.

I haven't been sleeping too well.. restless.. hot.. wide awake and thinking..but last night was good (make the Gin?) ..just woke at 445 for a moment. Checked all was well outside and saw this amazing cloud of mist down in the valley below the yard.

Off to have the afternoon in the boat.. and work on a bit of tan for my dress next weekend..Zac's Passing Out at Southampton Guildhall.  Can't wait for that.. They said it is like a graduation but a bit more.. as they are now being 'launched' (pun intended) into jobs...I am thinking almost a wedding and have two dresses to choose from..A short LBD and a maxi navy one..I am thinking the maxi as it is comfy but very 'tidy'

Photos will definitely follow..from the boat trip and the passing out !


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. I think your first abstract is a bank note, not sure which one as I haven't any cash at the moment.
    The last one I have no idea

  2. Ah I can see the bank note now, well done Viv :)

    Hope the weather stays so you get to use the boat a lot. xx

  3. I'm glad you had such a nice weekend. I can't wait to see pictures from his "launch".


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