Monday, 23 June 2014

Close Ups answers and boating!

My close up pictures were not too hard..I think most people got close...

Spiral notebook
Granite block on front of our house
Cheese grater reflecting the window plants
A tall pepper grinder
A £20 note
and a metal dustbin!

I am thinking maybe to joint the Photo Scavenger Hunt like Karen as I have already notched up a sunrise (not common for me!) and a bunch of tourists!
Sunrise, 4.45am 22 June

Just had the best of days.. getting the boat launched down at Porthleven harbour. Reversing it down the slip on the back of Colin's van.. it is quite stressful to watch and maybe almost as stressful for him to do!  Ross and his pal Lewis came along and we went round to the back of the Mount for some sunning and a little fishing.
Tourists at Porthleven (probably locals, but I didn't ask!)
Gently does it!
And we are in..4 months and we take it out again!
And fish for tea (for me anyways!)
Ross got some lovely footage on his GoPro, of a huge jellyfish passing under the boat, there are a lot of them about. I am hoping one day we will see the pod of dolphins which is still in the area by all accounts.

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