Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Relaxing Me!

My Colin is good at stopping and relaxing..much better than me..I think he knows he needs it and instead of racing about he can chill and often it does involve technical things..Moto GP..Airplane programmes ..or documentaries about the wars..or big ships..

This evening we were in the office til 7.30pm catching up on all the jobs you want to have done before a few days away...then a snack tea and catch up with the girls and Pops..before the heavens opened again with sunshine and a downpour!

I must have been tired because Kate did my nails and eyebrows and I just relaxed and stopped chatting .. For once!!

..and I took these pics...


  1. Oh to have your own personal beautician, now that might make me relax. x

  2. I agree with Karen, my idea of heaven

  3. A good pedicure always relaxes me.


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