Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Social Me!

Busy day here as the new car park for the new buildings can be used and we are moving the containers into the yard...then I have hair trim this afternoon ... (writing this at 8am I am not sure how my Social Me will manifest itself...)

I can show you though a huge crane brought in to move our storage containers into the yard .. It will mean my view is blocked to the field until the stored stuff is moved into the new buildings..A big Reveal!

...just browsing my pictures and the most Social Me! is on holiday with our kids these days. I love a trip away however short .. In fact I prefer a splash and dash to a long trip. .easier on the logistics and the stomach!

Here's a fave selfie or two from our Tenerife trip .. on the volcano!

...and one last week when we had a mini works 'do' and I was sending Kate pictures of me and our young design guy Jowan. .who incidentally is the nephew of one of my childhood friends. ..!


  1. Your photos are lovely, Kathi.
    How exciting to be getting your storage space moved our little ones would have been so excited to see the crane at work ;)

  2. Lovely pictures, KathiJo! Excellent!

  3. I won't recognise the place next time I visit lol. You are such a social person :) xx


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