Sunday, 21 August 2011

Results Days..

.. just ain't what they used to be.

I remember the days when 'A' levels results day brought many surprises, both good and bad, while now they just seem to deliver confirmation of the final few assessments done since Easter.  The days of it all depending on 12 hours solid writing at the end of two years are done, and many would argue this is a good thing, not least of all those who fear exams and the pressure it entails.

So, Zac got what he expected, a final result of 3 B's, a great result we all respect when they included Maths and Physics. subjects you can't waffle your way through as I did with all my Sociology and stuff way back when!  So in a couple of weeks he's off to Maritime College and starts the term with a visit around the Grand Princess cruise ship in Southampton.. good one!

I amused myself earlier with some pics of Zac and Colin doing some decking, realised how well it works in with Zac's training for 'Deck Officer'.. haha, plenty training in decking done here this week! 

I have been so weary this week (but hopefully getting to the bottom of that this week) and they have worked so hard in the evenings, so it was great to have a proper garden tea this evening.

Jordan & Ross both working lots and Kate, well at 14 it's hard work just having fun isn't it!
JB gets her GCSE's next Thursday and then she's off to the Reading Festival with Colin ...wellies and sun block at the ready, well you have to be ready for every eventuality in UK!

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  1. Results Daysssss !!!! Point five down - one point five to go - roll on Friday for this household. Well done Zac and fingers crossed for JB. xx


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