Thursday, 25 August 2011

All good!

Well it's been a newsy kind of day.. started out with Jordan and Col setting off for some customer visits and aiming for Reading (okay, via Warwick!) and en route they went to school for Jordan's results.  For a girl who claimed she was straight B's I think the A* and the A with the clutch of B's and C's is pretty damn good.  

So, she's off to do some enjoyable A's and who knows what next.. currently a toss up between advertising and being a baker!

Creative Collage of JB's work.

Some of Col's relatives arrived to say hello, except Col and his Dad are both away, but Zac went karting with them and we updated all the family info, so 'job done' I'd say!

'None of the above'
My armchair doctoring was proved to be quite wrong and I do not have some incurable terminal ailment, probably in fact a virus... mmm, should tell me something.. esp next time I ponder on where some of the kid's hypochondria comes from....!

Work was fairly quiet, I guess anyone with any sense is winding down for the long weekend, so maybe tomorrow will let me catch up for once...but so easy to find a distraction isn't it. Only me and the boys in for tea so I had a wander about the shops, amazing not to have someone in tow or the mental niggle that I should be somewhere making a meal for someone..mmm, this emptier nest malarky might even lose me some weight.. all I need now is some exercise.. ahah, that old chestnut!

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