Sunday, 28 August 2011

Perfect days...

.. all round, I think everyone got something they wanted already this weekend. Us two laid in til almost lunchtime today and I got a long lazy bath. Two lots of motor racing for the boys (and me to some extent), F1 and Moto GP and a nice brunch on the .... decking, afterwards! (well it was a meal between lunch and dinner / tea, but I'm not sure what that's called?)
...then Pop's returned home from his little sortie to South Devon with tales of salsa and singing in the rain!

I finished the afternoon off with a nice hour in the sun, settling well into another Anita Shrive book...The Pilot's Wife'  I really like her stuff but you have to get stuck and read them in a frenzy as they are so engrossing... as Ross' gf April found out on their flights to Palma this weekend.. gave her my last Shrive holiday read and she was well stuck in by lunchtime day1!

Jordan & Col returned unscathed from their day at the Reading Festival, with tales of rain, other people's shoes abandoned in the mud and the fun people they met.  Jordan reckons she can almost die happy after seeing The Offspring; only GreenDay to see now and she's content.... ahh, I remember those teenage days when life was that simple!

This is one of Col's pics which is this week's desktop image...til Ross comes home with his super yacht pics from Palma next week..
Mud, glorious mud..nothing quite like it..

 ...but I particularly like this one Jordan took... from the perspective of a muddy Show-Zone wellie!
All hail to the Shoe-Zone Wellies!


  1. Sounds like everyone having a good time - and you sound good too. xx

  2. mmm, thanks, think I'm on the mend..'told them I was sick'.. x


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