Monday, 29 August 2011

Counting down this week..

Harry Flatters at 8am
... our ZacMan leaves for his new career on Friday and the girls start back at school / college next week, so it's a week of 'before I go'es.  The weather looked fine, if a little breezy so Col and Zac got up early to get the boat off the moorings. I got a lie-in, woke with a frenzied start almost two hours later and managed to muster Kate to join me and Pops for what may be her only trip out fishing this summer.

Well, it went okay, true to form Kate caught a good number of fish and she and Zac had a play in the inflatable. It was so calm in my favourite spot right under Logan Rock that we could get within feet of the rocks.. and spotted a couple of snorkellers there too, it was that calm.

I just can't get enough of these rocks..

.. and it was low Spring Tide so you could walk from Porthcurno right along about 4 beaches..makes you feel so lucky to live here and most of all to be able to see it from the sea.

 Yes, I reckon that should be about enough Vit D and visits to the homeland to keep me quiet for ... oh at least a month!

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  1. That sounds like a perfect day to me. Long time no chat and we will have to get together when I get back from my hols.
    love and hugs


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