Monday, 22 August 2011

Good start..

.. to the week! Looking mellow and calm outside, we decided to go out in the boat this morning.. as Col said, that's why we live here and work for ourselves!  It's really good having the boat moored in the Mount this summer, even the little inflatable trip from the beach is fun!  Only me and Col, Zac and Pops, so a small crew..

.. a little visit to 'the homeland' Penberth bay and we decided to go as far as the Runnelstone to see if the fish were biting. And sure enough a good few mackeral and couple of pollock later we had had a good morning out.  Col even did a proper fillet job on them and we had pan fried mackeral for tea.. quite the 'two men in a boat' cooking experience!!

The weather was quite threatening but this moody look around the Mount didn't actually come to anything and the afternoon in the office was hot & sunny.. but with the mroning out I couldn't really moan!  Maybe I'll tweak the photo and see if I can make it even moodier, then it'd be a good contribution to Karen's 'creative' challenge.


  1. Have to say it sounds a wonderful start to the week. xx

  2. Great photos Kathi - I envy your sea-faring lifestyle! I get sea sick and scared on the sea - I would love to pop out and catch my own tea! Would love to like fish a bit more


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