Tuesday, 23 August 2011

So busy!!

... despite the weary I have been feeling quite a bit better today.. but our little Lilly was over for the day, so maybe it was a case of no choice, get busy!  Funny, when you start to feel better you can't quite put your finger on how it was you felt unwell..suffice to say JB and I had a good bimble around town this morning, pushchair at the ready and got lots of chores done.... then back to the office..
.. now, there's another change.. about eight years ago I used to suggest that we had a summer shut-down like our European pals who supply us from Italy and France, but we never did, using the time to play catch up instead on all those jobs we were behind on.  But this year it's gone mad, so much work has come in this month, it's almost like an end of budget-year month. Heavens knows what we'd have done if we'd shut down and closed the doors , all I know is the post box would have been very full come 1st September!

Col's December pay-day!
But, also on the good side, this means we should have a nice funnel of work in til Christmas and hopefully it will all  be running along smoothly so we can go have a holiday with our girls in December....only the girls?..well Zac's had Ibiza, Ross is off to Palma this weekend and well, Lisa is having half a weekend at a wedding in September!! Poor thing, she is mad busy too..so driven and reflections of the juggler I used to be when we started out.. it's all deadlines / promises/ baby baths and sleepless nights.. as they say, that's why you have the babies when you're young!

And for those that worry that at the first sign of feeling decent I am busy again.. this is my relaxation.. out there in blog blog world.. well it will be til I get myself GooglePlus or whatever the mature version of Facebook is going to be!... and I leave it to my teens to tell me the answer to that!

...and small memory that today three years ago we were all celebrating Col's folks Golden Wedding.....

...and there we have it.. full circle, the Wedding Album I started out to scrapbook three years ago, before I started this blog and met most of the lovely people who are now part of my circle of friends.. xxxx


  1. ONLY three years since I first met you at Cape Cornwall? Seems so much longer, that must be comfort, here's to the next three. xxx

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  3. Yeah, three years this summer, not sure what I'd have been like now if it wasn't for you guys! (Sane?).. no, seriously.. good things happen.. x

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