Sunday, 20 February 2011

Trying something new..

Yesterday JB and I went to buy her some more sticky backed velvet paper for the board game she is designing and making for Graphics at school. She has chosen a race & chase game similar to Cluedo and has worked really hard creating the rooms and characters, lots of computer time and patience on her part.

The paper came from the Crafty Corner in town and while I was there I succombed to these great marker pens, like felt pens but they don't show the marks when you fill in and double layers make great shadows etc.

I fell in love with a summer beach stamp and though that  might enjoy a bit of grown up colouring in while I watch TV, and it would all be towards a scrap layout (or maybe even a card?!!), but for once it wouldn't require me to either hole it up in my scrap room or bring all my stuff into the kitchen.

So... I spent a while practicing my stamping and (wishing I had a larger acrylic block) eventually got a stamp I was happy enough with to tint. .. a little better stamping and who knows, I might make a card maker of sorts!

I'm off to try the happiness stamp in the top pic now..

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  1. Hi there, lovely colouring in. I've heard those pens are really good though never used them. x


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