Thursday, 10 February 2011

Dear Heart..

Thanks to Linda I have some decent pics of the layouts I did at Newlyn Just Scrapbooking last weekend.  It was our third birthday and we had an extra long session and ended up eating out at the Dolphin in Penzance... and a good time was had by all.

Of course, Valentine's Day is approaching and hearts and things were the order of the day.  I took along a folder full of photos but had no real plans, but these layouts were the end result and I was pretty pleased with them.  The underlying idea was to create layouts with two sheets of the same paper, one altered with inks, stamps etc.  Linda added another element for each of us so I had to also use buttons (yes) and bows (no, sorry) and use paper from her scrap box (yes, but she told me afterwards it wasn't meant to be in her scrap box... you see, I have an eye for a tasty piece!)

Complete raves from the grave.. the first shows my Col with an all over tan.. not to be missed, a bit like an eclipse, will be unlikely to happen again in my lifetime!  He was working on a shipwreck project in the Maldives back in 1989 or 90, (way back when anyways), and as engineer he had to keep things running.  Many a night he woke in a hot house sweat as the generator had failed and the air conditioning on the boat had stopped! 
Good news though as this is what led us to the Maldives again for our first holiday in 2004, and I guess you could say it kind of changed our lives..

The second picture was taken on New Year's Eve 1998, we had a party in our workshops (Zac spotted the grinding discs in the background), it had been a busy year and whilst Col may look very romantic with his eyes shut, I actually think he was really weary and making a wish for an easier year to come! 

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