Thursday, 17 February 2011

Catch up.

It's been a hectic few days, seeing lots of people and doing things a bit differently and it all makes for an interesting time.. oh and pretty tiring! The kids are all headed towards half term and I think we're all a little weary, but hopefully we'll all enjoy the change.

Ross is off to London for the weekend with a group from his school, and that's going really well.   Zac is busy working at paintball and is doing most of the donkey work in revamping our office as we have a new design guy join us on Monday, and of course the whole family is looking forward to the arrival of our new baby early in March.

There's plenty of dates to remember in March, Kate has a birthday and I have an anniversary for my Dad, and remember too he'd have been 89 yesterday.. hard to imagine when he only just made 47, to think of him as an elderly chap, but no doubt Penberth would have still been his 'city' and I wonder where we would have all ended up if things hadn't happened the way they did.

(I was just looking for a photo to add in here and this is one of my favourite, Dad running the old winch which was used before they built the proper winch-house at Penberth. digi photos are so good, the bigger you make them the more you discover, like the big grin on his face. I think I like this one because he looks so well, healthy and enjoying life, as know I know that a lot of the time he must have felt pretty weary and getting through the day was sometimes quite an effort)

I saw two of my scrapbooking buddies (kids terms) yesterday and had a great lunch, followed by some great natter, comparing family notes and angles... then later a quick outing to the local hospital, but Yvonne is looking good and her humour is contagious!  Hoping we can all make 12th March at Tregenna, we have reserved the Naughty Corner from Linda, but we'll be sure to of the themes is New Beginnings and I'm sure to have a big choice.. will it be business, babies or (think of another'B' ..quick)...err..books?!

It was good to have a change from routine and I've also seem quite a bit of Lilly, such a personality! Good though, to vary the routine, I was even in the office at 8am today to get ahead.. and that's not common!

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