Thursday, 10 February 2011

Kids say the funniest things..

Yesterday we had the onslaught otherwise known as Lilly! She is so busy, luckily whilst with her, she seems to create energy in me.. but when she's gone...well, the usual grandparent recovery thing!

As we walked across the yard we met one of the guys from our workshop, 'Look, here's Maurice' I said..and Lilly promptly ran up to him professing 'I've really missed you, Maurice'  Maurice and I looked somewhat surprised and bemused as she has probably only seen him once or twice before, but she sure was definite about how much she'd missed him.

As we left Maurice to go back into the house, along came Joey, Lisa's cat, twelve years old and the fat cat of our yard (he ran two tiny kittens out of town a couple of years back, despite him being spayed and also them being Queen kitties!)   'Ahh, here's Joey' I said.  To which Lilly added...'hello Joey, I've really really missed you...'

Kind of put her greeting to Maurice in perspective!

In the evening we went to see Sanctum, a James Cameron film (he of Aliens, Titanic and Avatar fame) in 3D.   Interesting, and good first 3D film to see, especially if you're not a big animation fan.  I think the story was slightly predictable and not very deep but the underwater scenes and some of the 'look-away-now' kind of moments were really good.  (Even in the opinion of our resident underwater expert.. xx)

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