Thursday, 3 February 2011

Busy, busy!

So much going on and then add some more, but I love it!  Colin has been all over the country again, customer calls and training. Last evening I was just contemplating a lazy tea and an evening sorting some scrap stash for Saturday's long day, when my brother turned up unexpected.  We keep in touch but only catch up every few months and we were kind of 'overdue'.

As usual we had a couple of drinks, gassed away, laughed, reminisced, got off the subject, went around the houses and back to the matter in hand again.... yes, we are quite alike in some ways!  And it was lovely too to see some of his expressions and realising just how much I could see my mum in him....Jordan agreed and it was a nice feeling. Even living our childhoods a decade apart we seem to have memories of similar events, people and the things we had in our house.

Today new life was the order of the day and we went to see a scan of my nearly new grandchild.  I had Lilly on my knee and she was sure it was a frog she could see on the scan, but we didn't reckon we'd be able to decide on boy or girl, and didn't want to either.  All's well, a tiny baby almost 5 pounds at the moment, but hopefully that's good for mum too next month. 

Catching up on office work, making tea and ironing since I got home.... so now I have some blog time.. even the 9-5 is manic at the minute so I'm having to blog out of office hours, how good am I!! (good job I'm the boss)

Oh and this is such a good story.. Lilly calls Colin 'Big Pops' (and his dad 'Little Pops')  As she went past the Mitchell windmills the other day, they were not working, she told Lisa that the windmills were broken and 'call Big Pops to mend them'  Looks like at 2 and a half she knows who Mr Fix-It is around here.

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