Sunday, 20 February 2011

Empty nest?

Well it happened yesterday.. sure it was only for a few hours, but just a little taster of what life just might be like in five or six years time!

Ross in London, Zac at work, JB and Kate out pals and Pops on some social or another, notching up a few cups of tea and a few more cakes with his pals.  I got home from playing taxi and we had tuna and monkfish with fresh bread for our lunch, read a bit and watched some TV til Pops came in to say hi and rescue us from each other!

No seriously it was great, relaxing and quite comfy. It's odd though, as you know it's not for long and you have to fight the urge to 'do something' just to utilise the time valuably, so we just rested and will wait a few more years til it's a bit longer time and maybe we could even plan to have friends over to eat or something, before the door clicks and you hear keys on the table!

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