Saturday, 8 August 2009

Busy days..

Hello for August.. just realised I needed a kick-start to get back to blogging and Janice's challenge helped. We've been so busy just living and trying to cram in some fun times for the kids, that the blog has suffered.

Went Just Scrapbooking last w/e and did a couple of 12x12 acetate pages, they came out pretty good, but would be best as part of a whole acetate book and not so easy to photograph to show here either.

But this week I have been working on an 8x8 of our family, for my's been a bit speedscrap mode but I have used a nice antique kit in the main which has helped, and I've not gone overboard on the embellishing, it's more of a picture / memory journal... may even do one for our crowd too.. but isn't it odd how every generation adds another element of family so you see your heritage kind of watered down.. or enriched, whichever way the day takes you.

As Dad died when I was young and we grew up in his home fishing cove we always seemed to consider our Thomas roots, but since Mum and her sister died I have come to appreciate their stories (and glad I listened) I have found lately a whole album of cards scrapbooked by my Gran Leo Warren..some as old as 1899.. one was from her soon-to-be-husband and he wrote on it 'with sincere affection'.. I guess that would be 'love loads chick!' in 2009!

I have also found a notebook of Mum's Dads thoughts when he was sent to Africa in the First World War, he was a teacher really, and writes eloquently about his experiences, though not always p.c. for todays world...he reads like a kind of Tom Hanks character from Private Ryan!

Also found this pic of him outside a tent in Daresalam, isn't technology great, it really 'grows' the pics when you can scan and improve them!

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