Thursday, 13 August 2009

Summer evening..

... at 5.30pm this afternoon I thought the evening would pass uneventfully. Lisa and I had been busy working on a paperwork purge in the office (all I need to do now is try the same in my true-life as the kids call it!) Kate had been to Flambards with Heather and her girls who are visiting (her Mum Peggy is one of Jean's oldest pals) and JB had baked a cake for Pop's birthday tomorrow... he will be 75 years young! We had a barbecue last eve with all the family in good hearted attendance, so tonight I imagined an easy tea and a sit in the garden with a long port!

Oh, no, kids and Simon had other ideas, and by 6.30 7 of us were on the boat out of Penzance Harbour. Kate was first in and did a great job on the kneeboard, followed by Zac and then Simon doing some serious water-skiing back to the harbour. It blew away all the cobwebs and the sunset was beautiful, see it here lightening the new building at Penwith College, my old school and Zac's college from next month.

It was great to watch, Colin happy at the helm and passengers Pops and I enjoy the view, the warm sun and the food.. tonight I even managed to take a flask, much appreciated by Zac and Kate when the wetsuits and windchill set in!

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