Thursday, 20 August 2009

Hot off the blogging press!

True to the reputation Zac has given me I am blogging as it happens...

dear thing, he had a very emotional moment this most days the past month he spent a couple of hours after tea trawling the web for cars which might be suitable for his driving debut in September.. I even showed some interest this time...but the trump card was mine!

Col arrived a few minutes later and I suggested Zac should go see him outside.. he twigged straight away...hence the emotion!... Col had done 4 customer visits up north and also managed to view/ check/ fund / collect and then tow home behind the van a lovely Ford Focus.. better pics tomorrow in daylight!
(Kate observed that it will free up the computer now for everyone else..but added that no doubt Zac will have some other purchase / spare part / improvement to browse for soon!)
Note : dutiful Rob hoping he might be able to go along for the ride, or bag the back seat perhaps!

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