Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Book worm.

Maybe it's a sign I've had too many holiday-days this year, ... or just that I have become a better user of my time, .. or most likely that I am saying Sod It! to stuff I really should be more bothered about.... but I am loving my books at the minute!

In the Maldives I read the teenager book Elsewhere (read it.. no kidding, it was a lovely lovely book..about death, but simple clever idea and a beautiful thought when you've loved and lost), followed by Perfect Day (fodder and easy but interesting formula, all set in one day)..and then an autobiography from Frank Skinner..yes, it's amazing what you read when the choice is the hotel bookcase!

I also tried a bit of Maeve Binchey, but it was short stories and I was a little disappointed. Not one to be defeated I am now reading her Evening Class.. partly cos Linda told me about it when we were discussing the reasons why everyone gets a buzz from scrapping..(I think it's a bit like a therapy.. hello, I'm Kathi and I'm a scrappaholic!) But, anyway, it's quite nice, needs reading in binges as each character is pages long and you need the run at it.. but looking forward to the next installment.

At Centre Parcs I read Perfect Day by local Cornish author, slow but sure, another single day theme which I like.. and Lovely Bones, recommended by great friend Michele in the States and applauded by Lisa too. It didn't let me down, compulsive reading, and I cried buckets!

I really like biographies and have several stashed away.. everything from Jayne Fonda, to David Cassidy and Kate Adie...but they deserve a proper holidays attention!

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  1. I think 'Evening Class' was my favourite Maeve Binchy books. Try 'The Shellseekers' by Rosamunde Pilcher - you'll like that, being a Cornish lass!


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