Saturday, 8 August 2009

Chain challenge?

This is a new one! Janice sent me a challenge, (which I have to pass on to others once posted..)
......pick the 4th photo from your 4th file (where you store your pics in cyberworld) and publish it on your blog. And tell a bit about it. ..
(It was a hard choice as our family have so many places we store pics it was hard to be true to the challenge.. so I left it to Picasa to dictate).. here is then, a great picture, which tells a thousand words, of son-in-law Tom with baby Lilly, 5 days old... both of them look happy enough don't they! I just love how tiny babies are so content to just hold on and sleep.
12 months later she's our little star, and he and Uncle Zac are heading off tomorrow morning for a day's paintballing in a bunker near Exeter somewhere! ..and weather permitting Lilly will be on paddling pool alert!
(and for those following, see dragon / seahorse tattoo.. which is it.. you decide!)

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