Saturday, 11 July 2009

What a great idea..

Loved the format of landscape type backgrounds that I did a couple double layout using underwater scenes from our holiday (by the way our waterproof shockproof, Lillyproof Olympus is just the best for hols)

Colin's folks had given me lots of the Ocean range form K & Co last Christmas and these were just perfect for our holiday pages. Linda also had the lovely seahorses which we could paint / ink up and these were perfect for accenting the story of Kate's (temporary!) henna tattoo of a seahorse she had done to match the one Tom has.. oh, yes, his IS a dragon.. honest.

Great pics of Col and Zac, they are sooo alike as the pictures show, and so much more than in just appearance....he gets so much pleasure teaching Zac stuff and experiencing the learning with him, and Zac is like a sponge, just soaking up the info.
Just wanted to add this close-up so I can show the background picture I used of my favourite little fish, these yellow stripey reef raiders bounce along the seabed in huge shoals, trying to eat all the little bits and pieces from the coral. Really funny to see the little Dory (ala Nemo) fish getting real cross that their territory is being temporarily invaded by these cheeky raiders.. and all in 4 feet of water.

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