Saturday, 25 July 2009


An over used expression I know, but got up early this morning (yawn,.. what, on a Saturday?) and headed off to Pz where Col, JB, Zac and Simon had already launched the boat. Trish, Kate and I left the warmth of our cars and went along for the good bits... the chat, sun and sea air!

It was Simon's birthday and he had us all in awe as he jumped in to be first to try the doughnutting. Adrenalin junkie that he is he wanted to go faster and every trip was only happy when he had been bucked off.

Zac was our brave soul, kept our end up really well and did three fantastic runs off Roskilly beach.. he's my hero! Back home and lunch eaten at 12.30 it certainly helped give my relentless weary a kick shove to the back of my mind...

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