Saturday, 11 July 2009

Embossing delight!

I promise this is my last of these layouts.. well, for this week, and until I do the next..!
As you may know I love the double layout, I think it's the Virgo perfectionist coming out in me.. (as it is certainly not exhibited in the not-compulsive cleaning and the not-tidy scrap space is it?) I just love a double page to look complimentary and generally work it that way .. the first 2 pages of my 2009 album are a Christmas Santa and a blue / orange feel summer layout.. and they hurt my head everytime I open the album.. sad I know, but true!

Anyways, this is the second layout to go with LillyBug below. (LillyBug because her first pushchair was called the Bug..why else!) This shows the rarer sighted me and Jordan, generally behind the lens.

I had a quiet evening in the week and experimented with my not-so-new-now heat gun, and discovered again that I love embossing, and it will make my letter using habit worse, but at least now I can create my own instead of covetting other people' you think Thou Shalt Not Covet was a commandment made for those who would never learn to scrapbook?!

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