Thursday, 23 July 2009

Birthday layout.

I had a call from great pal Will in the US and he has added himself to my (growing) list of birthdays in July! His is tomorrow 24th and then I remembered our mate Simon, here at STS, on the 25th.. I wish I'd never started this now! (I remember loads of people having July / August birthdays when I was a teenager,, what was it that happened Oct / Nov time which caused this phenomenon?.. oh yeah. dark wet evenings and no TV!)

Anyway, after much poring over the myriad of tiny pics I found of my brother's childhood, (I have Lisa to thank for her photoshop skills) I created this layout, framed it and sent to Ken for his birthday w/e celebration. I quite fell in love with the little boy in the pics, as we played with the images and printed them bigger he came to life and I was sad to think I never really shared my childhood with him... being a late addition just as he went off to secondary school, I was no doubt a novelty / hindrance / tiresome squealer / babe magnet (ahh, he is soo nice bringing his little sis along) to him, in that order!.. not sure how he's describe me now but guess control freak would be in there somewhere!

Oh and by the way, it says.. The Cove-ers, not the Covers as in blankets, as if Cover was our see we lived in the beautiful fishing cove and Dad was happy enough to spend all his days 'down Cove' and we would refer to someone who really belonged there as a 'proper cover'
Hope that sorts it for anyone still awake (Tom!)

.. oh and I still love that heat gun and embossing powder.. Pawel in our workshop was even appreciative of that!

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