Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Our 'Ennnereeeee...

Interestingly I had a little more nostalgia for my teenage years again this weekend. Usually reserved for my true 'child'hood but the death of dear Henry Cooper, the heavyweight boxer and much loved Brut 'splash it all over' man took me right back to my mid teens... late nights watching boxing matches with Mum & step-Dad Phil in Mousehole. 

But boxing wasn't the half of it.. I also found myself knowing football scores (1973 FA Cup Sunderland beat Leeds!...2:1... I think) and staying up very late for the Torvill & Dean ice dancing. Funny how you get swept along with other people's enthusiasm.. and in those days there wasn't generally late night telly so it was quite a deal to stay up and have something to watch!

One Boxing Day I remember Mum rushing upstairs to let me know that another hero, Mohammed Ali was on 'This is your Life'..classic telly. Sadly I have just calculated that I think this was Christmas 1978...oh if I ever get dementia my mind is going to be a complete blank..I use it so much for back calculating all the time!!

Talking dementia, an interesting little mini-series on BBC this weekend, 'Exile' with John Simm (always broody and fab!) and Jim Broadbent (understated, but just as fab!)  Colin & I have so understood the frustration, the tough love and the humour, looking forward to last episode tonight.

And on reflection for the weekend.. a 'weekend that was'..started with a family TV session, oohing and ahhhing about those dresses at the Royal Wedding, ending with more ooooohs as we hear that Osama Bin Laden is dead..all pretty major news really and I guess the fall-out from both events will remain to be seen..

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