Sunday, 8 May 2011

Nice change today..

... and a change is as good as a rest they I should be well rested by the end of the month!   I get quite bored when the weekends, and weeks too really, follow the same old routine. So today and the forthcoming few weeks will be quite enjoyable, even if mad busy!

Kate finally got her Christmas present of going to 'model school' today. As usual for a teen, she was out all day yesterday (local festival day at Helston Flora) and not quite organised this morning, but JB and I sorted her (for sorted, read bossed her about a bit) and she looked quite a classy little chick when we delivered her this morning.  JB and I got an hour in Truro, some splash / dash retail therapy, home to do chores and then I fetched Kate again later.  

I think she enjoyed it, as ever with something you've waited for for a while, it doesn't always deliver in the 'wow, zap, kappow' way we hope, but I think it was worth doing, she met some other nice girls and learnt a few things. 

It'll be nice to see the pics we get in a few weeks. Kate has done several shoots for her pal 's 'A' level course so it'll be interesting to compare the 1500 we laready have with the ten or twenty from the 'pro'... 

Oh, and two days in a row we've had fresh tuna for our tea.. well subconsciously I think it's my way of making up to Col for not getting him to the Maldives for a while .. just so much to do here (tarmac next week, sheds  and extensions to build, boats to go fishing in, sons to send away to sea..) 

Pops brought the latest catch today..(!)..and I just had to share this little piece with you.. all say's exactly as it came out of the

(Amazing too, that whilst I'm playing 'taxi' all the sorting / digging / remodelling back home gets done.. so I reckon catering is a small price to pay eh?)

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  1. ahh now that is a heart shape ..... Linda!!!! ;) xx


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