Sunday, 11 October 2009

Wet, Wild & a bit of a Fluke!

This was my first layout of the weekend, quite untidy and grungy for me, but I really like it now!  The idea was to work with wire, beads & passport size photos and I had just the set ready, Kate out on the boat after a knee boarding session! (She wasn't well pleased at the prospect, but loves it now.. obviously 'hip' enough!)  

We all started with white 'bumpy / pimply' paper and worked up some chalking / inking for colour.  Whilst getting a nice bracket chalked on I managed to stick the frame to the lower part of the bottom photos and when I peeled them off half the image went too... thus the 'distressed' sepia effect on all the photos as I had to follow through and make it seem intentional! 

I do love the bead fish I bought specially.. oh and homage to K8, but we will have to wait to see some trendy shots of D+ (D..add..Dad!)


  1. I REALLY love this layout-would have loved to have had a go at that! It looks fab.

  2. Thanks.. hoping Linda will run it again for us one Saturday, sure she will as it was really different..x


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