Sunday, 18 October 2009

Parent highs.

Had a lovely thought provoking email from our friend Will in the US on Friday. I love to get his family chat emails, and have even saved some of the priceless emails he sent me when Ross  was staying with Will & Michele after his time with Camp America .

Will said he was having what he called a 'Parent High' .....he had been asked by his son to go along with him to his former college where he was giving a career talk. Will had taken Ben to Thailand once on business and now he was joining his son on a similar 'journey'.  (Had had to promise not to do the overtly proud Dad thing, but I'm sure body language would have said it all, and Will's big smile!)

I know exactly what he means about Parent Highs, sadly I guess by nature of the title you have to have some lows to appreciate the highs!  But at least with 5 kids you can generally glean some high moments from amongst the less good!

Zac takes his driving test tomorrow and we're hoping all goes brilliant for him!

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  1. mmm, not so brilliant, he didn't pass, but built a bridge and is over that now.. waitning for next opportunity!


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