Friday, 9 October 2009

Weekend wishes..

Well it's the weekend... and I'm off to spend a day and a half at Linda's Scrapbook Weekend at the Polurrian Hotel, Mullion. Hope the mizzle which has descended on us today is not in for the weekend , otherwise I may not be able to see the Island from the hotel. Years ago we went to Mullion with Ross when he was about 5 years old, he saw Mullion Island and some other bits of rock off the coast and promptly asked 'Which one is the Brison's?'  We laughed, mainly as he sounded so knowledgable and also 'cos it reflected just how often he had stood at Cape Cornwall or Sennen with his Dad peering out to the Brison's wishing he could see the treasure which might have awaited an avid diver!

It's been a while since I blogged, been a bit preoccupied with my 'sister-blog' which I have created with the girls from the Just Scrapbooking classes.  Now I'm not sure where to post stuff, as wouldn't want to bore readers of both! But here's a big picture page I did last week, playing with Castaway Inks and stamps.
Funny to see me with Zac, he's like the grown-up when we go snorkelling, hard to believe he was my little Zac-man just a few years ago!

Weekend thoughts should go to three of our close friends... Frans.. who celebrates his birthday on Tuesday (I think), remembering his visit last year and how it was that Mum had worked her magic putting us in touch again at such a poignant time.  Have a great day Frans, I guess you may have something special planned for the weekend?
Secondly to Will & Michele in the US, who have close friends needing some TLC, I am thinking of you guys x

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  1. Thank you for that. This weekend was busy with buseness stuff but next weekend Leslie and I will go to the island of Texel for 4 days to enjoy beachwalks and good food!

    love and regards to the gang

    Leslie & Frans


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