Saturday, 29 March 2014

More Family stuff..

In our house we don't really do 'Family Heirlooms' but I do have a few items which are from my Mum's house and which are particularly special.

The picture of my Dad aged about 7 is a favourite and I found it a place in my kitchen today..The copper kettle was my Gran's I think and the Sweet dish also hers.. I move it around the kitchen and try to use it rather than making it so special it isn't used or appreciated.

I guess we have had things for over 20 years now so some of our things may become family heirlooms for the children..though I am much less fussy about whether something gets broken or anything these days...not sure if that's an age or generation thing?

Lilly stayed at school this week for Cupcake Decorating class! A perfect after school club!  Maybe she has a connection with Jordan?  Did I mention that Jordan now bakes from my Mum's kitchen in the annexe to our house where Mum lived..? It's really nice as after Mum died Jordan wasn't too keen to go in there but now she feels a great affinity to the place where her Gran showed her how to make mince pies and coffee cake!

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