Saturday, 8 March 2014


I love to have a book or books to read on holiday but i do feel the guilt as my family, apart from Jordan are not great readers. Col loves to learn new technology stuff but usually from videos and television. Zac has to learn for a living so he likes to chill and misic is always on when he is about.. and Kate, well she loves the watch TV (drot mainly) and doesn't really read a lot either.

So.. on my hols I may read, or I may not...

Here is an idea of the books in my house..(I used to sell for Usborne, children's books through party plan and made many friends doing this and also supervising others selling.. yeah, sales is in the blood it seems!)

Monday : Today I read a great article about how motherhood and grandmother hood teaches us about ourselves and each other, even our Mums who are not with us..

Tuesday : Fact or Fiction?

I like good fiction but also Biographies.. a mix of the ones on my shelf.. 
Fergal Keane's book is short pieces, great writing, 
Billie Piper's was easy reading but also quite revealing..
Jane Fonda was hard going as so many people mentioned but again an amazing life(I still need to read this completely) 
Jools Oliver's pregnancy book.. fluffy and funny and a fast skim through.. 
Desert Flower about a Somalian girl come model was so interesting about her childhood but the thread lost at the end, like she finished it in a hurry.

I love Anita Shrive.. her best one is missing!

Patrick Gale lives locally and writes well about this area and Notes on an Exhibition is great especially his description of our local cinema!

My bookshelves are more like storage.. these are some of the text books from my social policy degree, which I finished way back when in 1982!
Children's books : My favourite character is Mrs Large from the Large family series..

.. and my favourite read to Ross was Jack and the Combine, I used to scare him with the Crunch Crunch Crunch sound of the combine!

.. and for amusement value here is reference book I read a year or two ago when a virus made me think I may need all this info.. now it seems I do for sure! ;-) Oh joy x

Well I think that just about covers my book stories for this week.. off to fetch my new car! 


  1. A good range of books here.

  2. Love looking through other people's bookshelves!

  3. plenty of books there and yes the large family are great arent they.

  4. Great post - my husband doesn't like reading as well, I am lucky that 3 out of my 4 daughters are avid readers, so we are a majority. That's now, of course, but when they were young I didn't read a book for ten years. I make up for it during the summer now. Have to check Anita Shreve - this week I'll discover lots of new authors for me.


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