Saturday, 22 March 2014


Oh my goodness, what a disaster my blogging was on holiday! I had even set the prompt so it would suit the places and thing I may have seen but the WiFi connection was a bit sad and I just didn't get there.

Also I see that the words keep getting lost off the prompt after a moments viewing, hoping that will remedy for next week.. 

So, I am back home. A week of lovely days in Tenerife with the three youngest of my brood.. mind you they are all pretty grown up in their own right.. 17-21, so lots of evenings we two were in bed before the young ones had their last mojito!   The weather was a bit cooler than when we went in November but we all managed to enjoy the sun and did lots of things.. Segways (not me!), jetskis (me on the back.. and my back is not so happy about the after effects!) and a trip sailing.. (well on a sailing boat with a motor and no sails up.. but that seems to be the way of things out there.)

So here are a few pictures of some entrances which may just fit the bill:

  • A Front Door... this is actually a door which is a window at my FIL's barn conversion next door.. he uses it like a Front Door as he often opens it to say hello as his living place is 'upstairs'.. at Christmas it was a welcoming sight when you came home in the dark!

  •  A Grand Entrance.. for us at our hotel.. and a fabulous aroma fills the air, like an oriental blossom..

  • an 'Unhappy' or 'Distressed' Entrance.. I pass this on the way home from Lisa's house and one day stopped to take this picture.. someday I guess it may be restored.. or replaced with UPVC God forbid!

  • Entrance to a Special Place..Jordan, Kate and Zac peering out of our kitchen window back in 1999 or so, the paving slabs were from the original floors in the house and have been used as patio and now as a wall topping.. x

  •  Steps to an Entrance.. The Liver Building from our visit last November.. hoping we may go back in warmer weather..and some steps over at the Minack where we had this picture taken with Col's folks way back in 1992 when we married.

  •  A Modern Entrance... our double glazed door, with windows both sides.. perfect for babies safely considering 'Joey the Cat'

  • A Surprise Entrance ..this is a gate / doorway in the wall just about a mile from us. I like the name.. 

 Phew.. hope this catches me up.. pics of the hols to follow soon.. watch this space for pilot whales and jetskis smiles!


  1. Glad you had such a good holiday.
    Your entrances are brilliant. I love the gap in the wall

  2. OMG, KathiJo - excellent!
    Thank you!


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