Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Light : ... & dark.

Well I am writing this en route to Bristol airport with Col and the 3 youngest, the first leg of our travel day to Tenerife...funny as they are all adults now but you always get described by your position in the family..

Col and I popped to Exeter at the weekend..gave the new car a.but of a trial run...lush..We got a Mazda 6 ..you may not be surprised that it is red .. Soul Red to be exact and has lots of gizmos. .perfect for my Col who loves all things technical. It is comfy too and I hope he will use it more for trips away ashis demo van is quite a thing to find parking for sometimes..

 and with our light prompt in mind I took some lovely pictures of market food stalls around the ruins if an old church.  I loved the sunshine and the shadow across the colourful fajita stall was sure to fit a light /dark prompt..

The sign was a fun ad for a beer tent..or rather been gazebo and it was a good feeling to see enterprising young guys running a number if really healthy true food stalls..

Not sure about indoor light..shall come back to that on my hols I think..


  1. Lovely photos. I love the one of the "Man Creche"

  2. I love the coffee bar out of the back end of the van. Very interesting. Great photos.


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