Monday, 24 March 2014

Family : Brothers & Sisters

Well I will probably use this to catch up with some of our holiday snaps and some updates on the young ones..

Lots of people told me last week how alike Jordan and I are but I think a lot of it is about mannerisms and also our her being similar.  Zac and Kate seem to be very similar roo.  Both lean and towards blondish curly (if left to its own devices!) hair but other times I really think Jordan and Zac could pass as twin brother and sister..

..and I couldn't let this pas without saving this great pic of the girls last month on Book Day...


  1. what beautiful children you have produced! From everything you blog about them, they sound like they have turned into fine young people too. Well done on a great job!

  2. Lovely family photos, Zac and Kate do look very much alike. I love the two little cuties in their costumes

  3. aww its the gruffalo! great family photos :)


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