Thursday, 27 March 2014

Family : Resemblances

You know how it is when you catch your reflection in the mirror and it's your Mum? Or when you hear words coming out of your mouth and they have been said to you a generation before?  I even 'feel' like I imagine my Mum felt, when I do up the baby's coat or put on their shoes etc.

I first noticed the resemblance as a teenager when I was drying my hair and my dressing table had those extra mirrors at the sides, not directly looking in the mirror, you know the way.

This is a picture I took for the no-make up Facebook thing which has been going around.. and one of my Mum..

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  1. I know just what you mean, Kathijo.
    Sorry I've not joined in yet this week, I've not been well and can't get into the loft. I'll catch up next week


I am hoping that 'Anonymous' has stopped stalking me with his Spam now, but may have to put verification back on if it comes back.. I just can't buy any more over the counter drugs or Louis V handbags girls!! ;-)