Saturday, 17 September 2011

Weary..(Contd.) Zac..
.. but for good reason.. it was a great weekend, so much socialising, eating and doing... a great family time, not everyone together all the time, but everyone had their time.  The kids were working and doing their own thing some of the time and even Zac made his entrance, well flowers in lieu of his presence! 

Well 3 days later I am finishing this entry, it's been a hectic week but lovely overflow from last weekend, and I owe some pictures..perhaps I should just shut up now and give them to you.. this is Uncle Bill's story board for the present shopping!

Job Done..Thumbs Up!
(and did you know my boyfriend has a belt to match
 his boxers and his hat logo!)

..just what Bill had in mind...


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  1. Look forward to layout you create from these. Now you can't say this year went un-noticed!!


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